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Skinners’ Academy is proud of its increasingly well-recognised careers support provision for its pupils. See below for comments from employers and pupils who have participated in our programmes.


In this economy, it is more crucial than ever that pupils develop confidence academically and beyond. The Academy is committed to ensuring that pupils have access to exceptional Careers Guidance above and beyond the statutory government requirements.

Skinners’ Academy is aware of the new statutory careers guidance for schools, published in January 2018 and will be continuing to improve our provision both in line with the new guidance and beyond it, including consistent moves towards implementing the eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance which include:

  1. A stable careers programme

  2. Learning from career and labour market information

  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

  5. Encounters with employers and employees

  6. Experiences of workplaces

  7. Encounters with further and higher education

  8. Personal guidance


The Academy agrees with the following statement in the Department of Education’s March 2015 publication “Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools:

“Every child should leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. This means ensuring academic rigour supported by excellent teaching, and developing in every young person the values, skills and behaviours they need to get on in life. All children should receive a rich provision of classroom and extra-curricular activities that develop a range of character attributes, such as resilience and grit, which underpin success in education and employment. High quality, independent careers guidance is also crucial in helping pupils emerge from school more fully rounded and ready for the world of work. Young people want and need to be well-informed when making subject and career decisions.”

Learning ‘employability skills’ and becoming an attractive candidate for universities and employers is an important part of the Skinners’ Academy journey for pupils of all ages (Years 7 to sixth form). As stated, making careers support accessible for all pupils exceeds provision required by law and is a reflection of our commitment to supporting the aspirations of our pupils. Pupils will participate in our annual Careers Awareness Fair, National Careers Week, Into University programmes, industry related educational visits, participate in PSHE programmes which enhance careers and enterprise awareness, as well as other initiatives designed to raise aspirations, confidence and achievement in relation to careers.


In Key Stages 3 and 4, pupils will have access to a range of the below:

  • National Careers Week activities

  • Elements of our Careers Awareness Fair

  • PSHE curriculum related careers education

  • Into University programmes

  • Educational / curriculum-related industry visits

  • The Brokerage employability programmes

  • An introduction to CVs

  • In introduction to interview skills

  • Motivational talks from people in industry

  • Work experience


At Key Stage 5, students can access the above as well as:

  • Robust and consistent UCAS support

  • One on one career support

  • Work experience

  • The Careers Fair

  • Motivational workshops

  • Workshops focusing on CV writing, interview skills, opportunity hunting via social media and more

  • Work experience


The Academy’s procedural requirement in relation to requests for access from external educational providers will be shortly available via a policy published on this page and in the meanwhile, literature for a variety of further and higher institutions is available in the Academy’s Learning Resource Centre.

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